There’s Still Plenty of Skiing to be had at Mt. Sunapee

It’s no surprise that after a winter of successive snow dumps Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire continues to have good snow coverage.  The longer days and higher sun of March, along with some warm days, has diminished the snow pack some, but there is still plenty of snow on the trails.

Snow at Sunapee

There are still piles of snow around Mt. Sunapee

We skied Sunapee on March 20th and the tight grip that old man winter has had all year still existed.  Although it was overcast the skiing and riding conditions were pretty like one would find in January and February.  There was still plenty of coverage on trails. When we looked into the woods there was plenty of white stuff too.

Due to the thaws and freezes over the past week the woods were off limits because they were mostly bulletproof.   With no major warmups projected for the next week or so they will remain that way.  The trick is going to be getting on the mountain when the temperature gets warm enough to soften them up.  This might require ducking out of work or school to work on a goggle tan!

Mt. Sunapee’s views are still some of the best in the east.  The vista of Lake Sunapee continues to impress. From the summit the trails on Stratton, Okemo and Killington are clearly visible.

The view of Lake Sunapee is always impressive.

The view of Lake Sunapee is always impressive.

The Sunbowl Express on the north side is a welcome improvement to the prior lift, this detachable quad, acquired from Okemo, has resulted in significantly shorter lift lines and a faster ride back to the top.

There still needs to be a easier way to get on to Upper Cataract from the North Side though. Stay tuned. We understand that is in the works along with several other substantial improvements.  It will be interesting to see how Mt. Sunapee maintains the balance of trails, uphill capacity and parking when they are done.